The Mermaid Who Makes The Sea. Volume 2 in Teddy and Tilly's Travels.


Five years had past since Teddy and Tilly, with their mum, had climbed the 

ladder into the cloud that had parked itself on the hill overlooking their farm for its unwelcome weeklong scratch! During which time the summers had been warm and pleasant, with only the amount of rain that was needed for the grass and crops to grow, and the winters had been mild, with no snow nor frost.


The cows now looked like elephants without any trunks, the pigs had grown to the size of a hippopotamus, the sheep resembled small woolly ponies and the chickens were bigger than an ostrich ever seen with its head above the ground. The part of the farm that dad used to grow his vegetables had 

produced so many potatoes, carrots and cauliflowers that ever single person in the country had eaten some, searching the supermarkets up and down the land for more! Mary and Peter were happy and so were their children.


    “What would you all say to a holiday this year?” dad asked the family, whilst they sat watching a television advert about an adventure centre one evening in the snug farmhouse. “I think we deserve one,” he added.

    “Where shall we go?” mum replied, almost falling out her chair in 

surprised excitement!

    “I think we should let Teddy and Tilly decide, mum. As far as I’m 

concerned I’ll go anywhere to just put my feet up in the sun and relax doing nothing at all.”

    “How about going to the Sea, dad? Neither of us has been there! We could learn to swim, then swim all day whilst you and mum sat in a deckchair and read a book or something.” Tilly offered to start the conversation.

    “That’s a great suggestion!” Teddy screamed. Turning his attention from the ice-cream he was eating so much so that a large dollop melted, dropping to the floor making a loud noise as it went; splash.

    “That ice-cream of yours could be the sign we want. Splashing around the ocean sounds mighty fine to me,” mum declared.

    “Okay! We will settle on the Sea. Now all we have to do is find 

somewhere to go and find a means of getting there,” dad replied.

    “I know what we could do,” Tilly said. “We could wish for Jacobi to come back with his cloud. Then he could take us wherever inside Nebula. He must know every single island in the world with the nicest Sea around it!”

    “What a great idea! But I wonder how we can get in touch with him? He could be having an itch anywhere in the world,” ruefully Peter said.

    “We can only try our best,” thought Teddy, saying the words aloud.


Book Two in the Teddy and Tilly's travel series

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