The Man Who Makes The Clouds.

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The Man Who Makes The Clouds, a children's story by Danny Kept swept me away. Like daydreaming towards the clouds. A touching tale that is beautifully told. The author makes this a fun, educational read for a young person and does so with heart and great imagination.

This feels like a realistic fairy-tale that is both fictional and reality based at the same time. It's a sweet story that brought a smile to my face.

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The three of them were sworn to secrecy by Jacobi, never telling a soul why it was that the cloud disappeared that afternoon leaving the Sun to blaze down on the farm making the grass spring up to attention, like soldiers standing in a line. For five solid days, it shone away allowing the pigs to get fatter, the lambs to grow stronger, the cows to give more milk and the chickens to lay an egg after an egg after an egg. Then it rained steadily overnight whilst the animals, mum, dad, Teddy and Tilly slept in their comfy beds all snuggled and warm.

Book One in the Teddy and Tilly's travels series

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