I love almost everything Italian, once being able to speak the language, but as someone more learned as I wrote; 'IT IS FOR SINGING, NOT FOR SPEAKING.' Operas are my favorite type of music and I can confidently tell you that I believe Mirella Freni to be the best soprano I have ever heard. Maria Callas was certainly the most dramatic and eye-catching but Freni singing MIMI with Pavarotti in La Boheme is powerful and tingling.

Of artists Caravaggio is, I believe, the best at facial pain while Leonardo the best at expression. Michelangelo at colossal works, yet his PIETA is so delicate and detailed.

Raphael's works in the Chigi Chapel are, if not perfect, then I would like to know what is?

Of modern day artists, Nicola Simbari and Pino Daeni are in my opinion up there with the best. Of the surrealism school, I collect Paine Proffitt, who has a much more famous admirer than I could ever be, but I will respect his privacy and not disclose the name.

Of modern singers Katherine Jenkins, who dearly wants my phone number but I'm not allowed to disclose it, and Andrea Bocelli I rate highly.

On TV, I much prefer The Sopranos to Big Brother, which you would have to pay me to watch!

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