Philosophy and Science

I want to start something that I cannot finish today but hope to build upon in the future.

Some people would argue that science and philosophy are worlds apart; science being the study of known facts whilst philosophy is purely a thought process based on assumptions and belief. I would suggest the two disciplines are the same.

Philosophy is the exploration and questioning of accepted facts. It is a branch of the science on its own. It doesn't need in a sterile laboratory as it functions within the brain. It's a thought process examining knowledge and offering a different understanding. In a sense, it's conceptual thought following logical lines.

Science is exactly the same. It examines logical facts. If one reasons logically, one is thinking scientifically. The human brain cannot exist outside of physics yet thought process is not confined to either a physical form or the science of physics.

Neither in science nor philosophy must there be belief, as belief is the acceptance of irrational thought, ie, all factual explanation is questionable, but without questioning facts science would have no role to fill, and philosophical thought would be only conjecture.

I argue that without philosophy science would not have evolved. Without an egg, there would be no chicken.....The unsolvable issue of what came first.

Through science and philosophy, man has examined his self-being in more ways than solely altruistically, developing a conscious awareness of character and motives. BUT.......

Self-awareness is conceptual in so far as humans are parallel beings, one the decision maker and the other the explorer. The decision maker follows logical, well thought out lines decided upon through influence or experience, whilst the explorer probes the unknown abstract world of the imaginary. Self, is by definition a single entity and, therefore, in my proposition, incapable of understanding subconscious thought!

The fundamental basis of life is discovery, whether that be through a specific scientific discipline or through the dissecting scalpel of thought!

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