I married the kindest, caring, wonderful, sexy woman that has ever walked this planet nineteen years ago. She has just removed the loaded gun pointing at my head, but I will not delete anything.

In that inspired moment, I inherited a readily constructed family of one of each, at those tender teenage years of twelve and fourteen. Lucky them eh!.

Somehow we all survived and occasionally spoke rationally to each other without swearing! Nowadays we sometimes fall out, never my fault, of course, as you must realise by now that I'm a very inoffensive person. I also lie!

Personally speaking I'm pleased I interrupted their idyllic life they had before my arrival as both have given their Mother and I, four perfect grandchildren, the best that anyone could wish for.

My granddaughter, aged fourteen, is really my soul mate and my IT pupil, although she mistakenly believes it is the other way round. She obviously, by accident, takes after me in so many ways, good-looking, charming, quiet but intelligent and modest. As to her vanity, I can only guess, but there are six mirrors about her person ever time she leaves to go to School.

The other three are all boys, the youngest will be celebrating his first birthday 28 February 2014.


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