Along The Way.

“I am heavy, I am tired,” said the old man to the child.
“My life, is drawing to an end. It is not what I have done to life that has brought me here today, but what life has done to me along the way.


I was strong, I was fierce, I took no-one to my side, simply brushing them aside with no need of them. Now I find that I’m alone, but don’t pity nor disown those memories that I’ve sown, along the way.


My path was never straight, sometimes narrow, sometimes wide but along it I did stride to find you here. And I am pleased that I did, otherwise you would never know what I managed in my life, along the way.


I have reached that final bend, the one that leads me to my end, and now I leave you here to make your own way through this life. Tread your path with care, and always be aware that there is no such thing in life, as a mistake.”


© 2012, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.




With a heart that was open but eyes that were closed,

She found a safe place and within she dozed.


In her sleep, she saw a star way up high.

And she listened as it sung a soulful lullaby.


“I feel your sobbing heart through the soles of my feet,

But I pray the day is prolonged until finally we meet.


Your body I caress through my spirit and soul,

But no wish nor desire can make my own body whole.”


Deeper she fell, but the dream didn’t fade,

Not matter how much she tried, in her heart it still laid.


Trying to forget, praying for release

She sang in silence in search of that peace.


“I feel your heart and I feel your pain,

I imagined that at my side you’d always remain.


But death took you, leaving me here,

With the doubts that surround me, filling me with fear.”


The star returned, now lower in the sky,

A tear she saw as it began to cry.


She wiped that tear with a lock of her hair,

Placed it in her heart and left it there.


The tear was returned when his hand touched her own,

As she made her way skyward no longer alone.


The lovers became one when her life slipped away,

Now in heaven, together, two stars now lay!


© 2015, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.

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