A Shudder From Heaven

A single Bolt Of Lightning That Shook All Of Rome.


A Shudder From Heaven is a story of two Spanish Catholic priests, one a Cardinal and the other a novice Jesuit who both commit suicide because of a young, ambitious Italian girl. Teresa Ramos, mother of Alvaro and sister to Cardinal Ramos, sets about taking her revenge for the death of her son and brother, but although her late husband was a police officer, she is far from educated in criminal ways. 
This is not a story that you may initially expect, and has an ending that could not be envisaged!


First Paragraph


The Letter


It would appear from your many generous contributions and what I have gathered from fellow followers of God’s teachings, that you are a good and faithful man. I was, at one time in my life, the same. The enclosed obnoxious photographs are of my late nephew, the novice Jesuit priest Alvaro Ramos. They were used by your daughter to obtain my signature on a legal document. I do not believe you sent her to me with that in mind. 

I must trust in God’s forgiveness for my sins, as I put vanity, my family’s unblemished name and self-interest before the sworn duties of my office. I have betrayed God and my Church in a vulgar way. I am ashamed of myself and beyond redemption. 

Your daughter is well vested in the ways of Satan. You must pray for her and yourself as I no longer can. 

Cardinal Domenico Stefano Ramos.


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